What's Brewing at Cora?


Pomegranate Breakfast Cider

This Pomegranate Breakfast CIder is the perfect tangy sweet mocktail, ... of sparkling cider, pomegranate juice, and flavored syrup.
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Vanilla Lemon Strawberry Gelato

Ingredients 3000g (105.8oz)     whole milk 150g (5.3oz)           cream 540g (19.0oz)         sugar 60g (2.1oz)             PreGel Dextrose (Sweetening Agent) 300g 10.6oz)        ...

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Lavender Honey Fields

  Ingredients 1 oz.         Cold Brew Concentrate 1/4 oz.      Monin Lavender Syrup 1/2 oz.      Monin Honey Sweetner 5 oz.         Milk Directions Fill glass full of ice. Pour ingredients...

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Caramel Apple Butter Iced Coffee

A delicious combination of ripe orchard apples dipped in smooth, creamy caramel. Loaded with an intense butter note and rich taste, this treat is the ultimate temptation.
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