Monin Gourmet Sauces

$ 16.65

Monin Gourmet Sauces are trusted staples for baristas, caterers, and bartenders. We offer 64-ounce pump bottles so you can create masterful treats quickly.


Caramel sauce is excellent in a latte, as a drizzle atop ice cream or as a swirl inside a martini glass filled with a creamy dessert concoction.

Dark Chocolate sauce is rich and sweet, and perfect for espressos, mochas, and hot chocolates. Our favorite is on top of ice cream and fudgy treats.

Dulce de Leche sauce is loved the world over for its beautiful color, creamy texture, and incredible flavor. Add warm silkiness to your waffles and lattes by garnishing with a generous drizzle.

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate sauce reduces calories but preserves the incredible flavor of Monin Dark Chocolate sauce. Perfect for anyone who wants sweet, sophisticated flavor without the sugar overload.

White Chocolate sauce is sweet, flavorful, and luxurious and the perfect start for any white mocha. It blends well with other flavors and adds visual appeal to desserts.

Sauce Pump dispenses 1/2oz per pump

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