Elektra Aletta

$ 10,331.00



  • Avant-garde patent design
  • Water Treatment System (WTS) patented 
  • Patented Milk Frothing System (MFS)
  • Equipped with display to easily manage all the functions of control and regulation
    • Language selection.
    • Total number of coffee supplied by single key.
    • Total water consumption (liters).
    • Recording of the meaningful functioning data.
    • Total operating time.
    • Date and kind of service carried out.
    • Type and number of the alarms reported.
  • Electronic control of the boiler water temperature.
  • Precise adjustment of the brewing temperature (+ / - 0.25 C).
  • Electronic water supply and brewing pressure measurement.
  • Brewing suitability control according to Italian espresso standards, with alert warnings in the event of faults.
  • Scheduled maintenance management system.
  • Automatic faults prevention and faults prevention system.
  • Water pump easily accessible from the machine front.
  • Pull-out coffee keyboard control panel.
  • Interchangeability of every single coffee key.
  • Programmable night cycle: reduces energy consumption.
  • Soft Touch coffee keyboard control panel.
  • Adjustable working areas.
  • Raised cup tray.
  • Large water-steam wands.
  • Cup heater tray “CHS” The most roomy of its category
  • Constrained drain tray.
  • CHS - Cup Heating System
  • MFS - Milk Frothing System
    • Automatic hot milk setting.
    • Automatic milk frothing setting.
    • Custom-made milk temperature setting.
    • Custom-made milk foam quantity.
    • Automatic cleaning system management.
  • WTS - Water Treatment System
    • Automatically eliminates calcium and magnesium salts from water
    • Softened water custom-made setting of the salts concentration
    • Automatically eliminates chlorine and organic compounds from water
    • Automatic warning management of the active carbon cartridge exhaustion

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