Elektra Kup

$ 7,299.00
Group Heads



  • Programmable night cycle: reduces energy consumption
  • Electronic control of the boiler water temperature
  • Precise adjustment of the brewing temperature (+/- 0,25°C)
  • Groups height suitable for 12 and 16 ounces cups
  • Sturdy automatic 5 doses push-button panel, with mechanical “soft-touch” coffee dispensing buttons
  • Elektra feature is the exclusive use of metal for the body of its machines
  • Options: Cup Heating System (CHS) to low power consumption, without maintenance
  • BLS (body lighting system) the machine sides are enlightened by multi-colored led lights. You can set your favorite color by choosing among the countless shades of the color mirror.
  • "MFS" Patented Milk Frothing System
    • Automatic hot milk setting
    • Automatic milk frothing setting (cappuccino)
    • Custom-made milk temperature setting
    • Custom-made milk foam quantity
    • Automatic cleaning system management
  • "WTS" Patented Water Treatment System
    • The WTS® is an innovative Water Treatment System, patented by Elektra, which improves the quality of espresso coffee and controls its taste.
    • WTS® manage automatically the magnesium and calcium (limestone) elimination and the purifier resins regeneration without stopping the coffee supply.
    • Integrated into the system is also a silver active ions cartridge that removes the chlorine from the water, giving a perfect taste to the coffee.
  • On-demand customizable body available an unlimited catalog of colors and graphics to customize the machine according to your own style

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