Prodotti Stella Fruit Flavors

$ 62.10

Gelostella® Pastefrutta are excellent on their own or when used to enhance the flavor with fresh or frozen fruit. Can be used to make both gelato or sorbetto. They are also ideal for marbling gelato such as using Cherry All Natural within Cheesecake. Some of these pastes do contain fruit pieces.

Liogel® are complete powder products with 2 simple steps to obtain guaranteed top-quality results. Just add water or milk!

Banana All Natural stands out for its rich content in fruit and natural flavors.(All Natural, Vegan)

Cherry All Natural has a high content of cherry pieces and is also known as "Amarena". It is excellent when used as a variegato to make gelato Amarena which uses a milk base. (All Natural, Vegan)

Coconut All Natural contains a considerable content of coconut pulp and is ideal for the preparation of gelato using a milk base. (All Natural, Vegan)

Lemon 50 SDL is a concentrated powder used in obtaining a fresh and natural taste of lemon sorbet with the addition of sugar and water. Made without milk or milk by-products.

Mango is a smooth paste, characterized by an intense mango flavor and aroma.

Pink Grapefruit SDL is used to prepare pink grapefruit fresh flavored sorbetto or gelato, creamy granitas, “sgroppini” and for soft-ice.

Pomegrante SDL allows the preparation of fresh-tasting pomegranate flavored ice cream, with an excellent balance between the sweet and sour taste; the soft and creamy ice cream structure is maintained over time. It contains dehydrated concentrated pomegranate juice.

Raspberry All Natural stands out for its rich content of raspberries which ensures the rich flavor and color associated with the fruit. (All Natural, Vegan)

Strawberry All Natural stands out for its high content of whole fruit and is great both as sorbetto or gelato. (All Natural, Vegan) 

Wild Berries All Natural has the typical color, flavor and smell of the mix of blueberries, black currants, raspberries, red currants and elderberry that make up this wonderful combination. (All Natural, Vegan)

Yellow Peach Liogel featues a high content of dehydrated peach pulp which gives off a remarkable aroma of yellow peach and is ideal to make either as gelato and sorbetto.

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