Prodotti Stella Cream Flavors

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Gelostella® Pastecrema are powder or paste products, in a variety of traditional and innovative flavors including some that are exclusive only to Prodotti Stella.

Liogel® are complete powder products with 2 simple steps to obtain guaranteed top-quality results. Just add water or milk!


Almond Pesti is a paste made from 100% medium roasted California almonds that goes through a rough refining process that gives it a consistency referred to as “Pesto”. (All Natural, Gluten Free, Vegan)

Caramel is ideal for preparing an excellent caramel-flavored gelato and as a marbilizer in wide variety of flavors. (Gluten Free)

Cheesecake (powder) has a high content of fresh and creamy dehydrated cheese (main ingredient). Excellent with the addition of Gelostella® Pastefrutta pastes, like Cherry All Natural, as a variegate swirled throughout. (Gluten Free)

Chocolate - No Sugar Added is a creamy and full-bodied paste ideal for making high quality chocolate gelato. It also does not contain milk derivatives and can be added to mixes that only contain water (no milk) to make a dairy free chocolate.

Cocoa Blend (20-22% powder) is a specially selected and balanced mix of different cocoa varieties, ensuring gelato with a full-bodied chocolate flavor and intense color. It contains cocoa butter in a 20-22% range. (All Natural, Gluten Free, Vegan)

Coffee (Gran Caffè) is used to prepare "Cappuccino" or coffee flavored gelato and can also be used also to variegate (for example Fiordilatte or Vanilla), as well as to prepare gelato cakes, semifreddo and many other pastry preparations.

Coffee Brasil 100% Arabica is a high-quality freeze-dried soluble, 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil. Ideal for the preparation of coffee-flavored gelato with milk or water base. (All Natural, Vegan)

Disaronno Amaretto® is an exclusive product from Prodotti Stella with a creamy texture and an abundance of pralined almonds and chopped hazelnuts that remain crispy in the finished product. Disaronno is one of the most appreciated and well known Italian liqueurs in the world but unlike its namesake, this flavor does not contain alcohol.

Edelweiss Cream is a powdered product that gives the mix a fresh mountain milk/cream flavor and is ideal for an authentic Fiordilatte flavor. (All Natural)

Fleur de Toffee has a prevailing buttery note that is complemented by a slightly salty note. Perfect in combination with Fleur de Sel Variegato for a Sea Salt Caramel gelato.

Gianduione All Natural is made of hazelnuts (first ingredient) and top quality cocoa to prepare the typical Gianduia flavor or with the addition of  whole and/or chips of toasted hazelnut you can make the "Bacio" flavor. The creaminess of the paste makes it very easy to be used in for pastries both as a filling for cakes and single portions or to flavor pastry cream or whipped cream. (All Natural, Vegan)

Hazelnut - Pesti is obtained by a special process that grinds the 100% Giffoni hazelnuts to get a true pesto that has a grainy texture and an intense flavor. (All Natural, Gluten Free, Vegan)

Hazelnut - Tonde Gentile Piemonte is obtained from high quality hazelnuts from Piedmont (only ingredient) and does not contain added flavoring or emulsifiers. (All Natural, Gluten Free, Vegan)

Kookie is a versatile paste with the typical taste of cookies and has an aftertaste of cream-flavored shortbread. Great in combination with many other flavor pastes.

Kookie & Caramel is a smooth flavoring paste with the taste of caramelized biscuits which are also known as “Biscoff” or “Speculoos” in other parts of the world. This paste is perfect in combination with Kookie&Caramel Variegato and Crumbs. 

Kookie & Cream is a smooth white vanilla paste that in combination with the Kookie&Cream Variegato and Pieces make an excellent "Oreo" style gelato.

Kookie Napolitaner is a cocoa and hazelnut-based flavoring paste that contains a generous amount of wafer chips that is typical to the Neapolitan wafer cookie 

Mint (White) has a typical mint flavor without added coloring. (All Natural, Vegan)

Mistero Latino contains a skillfully selected mix of Italian dried fruits from the most renowned areas, combined with Dominican Republic Low-Fat Cocoa, Guatemalan Coffee, Brazilian Cashews and Mexican Vanilla. Combined with Mistero Latino Variegato and Original Jamaica Rum Topping to discover the taste of Central and Latin America.

Pannacotta is Italian for "cooked cream" and can be used to create a gelato with the full and characteristic flavor of this traditional Italian dessert.  

Pinocchio (powder) is made from dehydrated fresh cheese and dehydrated cherries and a special milk and cream mixture that is powdered using exclusive new technology. It contains natural flavorings and gives gelato the flavor of a fruit cheese-based cherry snack/dessert. (All Natural, Gluten Free)

Pistachio - Pesti is a semi-processed paste with a creamy texture, obtained by a special process that grinds the "Perfect Green" pistachios to get a true pesto.
It has a grainy texture and intense flavor. (All Natural, Gluten Free, Vegan)

Salted Caramel Liogel is a perfect blend of salty and sweet caramel with a strong flavor of salt all in a ready to use powder.

Sorrento has the typical taste of Amalfi cake with pasteurized egg yolk and ground almonds, walnuts and pistachios. It gives the gelato a yellow/amber color and in combination with Variegato Limone Sorrento makes up the Sorrento flavor.(All Natural, Gluten Free) 

Tiramisù All Natural has a full and pleasant Tiramisu flavor which is typical of the coffee-flavored Italian dessert. Excellent to prepare gelato as well as frozen desserts, semifreddo and cakes. (All Natural)

Vanilla - White AN is a flavoring paste containing ground vanilla beans and vanilla natural flavorings. Does not contain coloring's. The product gives the ice cream a white-ivory color containing black dots of the ground beans. (All Natural, Gluten Free, Vegan)

Walnut Sorrento has a high content of walnuts (main ingredient) and contains small-size pralined walnut chips that stay crispy in gelato while giving an intense and round flavor, with a slightly sweeter note.

Zabaione Florio® is an exclusive product from Prodotti Stella that stands out due to the use of the world famous Marsala Florio and its unmistakable flavor. The high content of egg and egg yolks gives it a full-bodied texture and distinguished color that could be considered Italian Eggnog.

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