Lotus Plant Energy - Cascara Concentrates ***

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***Gold Cascara: BEST BY DATE 1-2-22***

Lotus Plant Energy - Cascara

Award winning Lotus Cascara Energy combines the best of energy with the
ultimate power of the coffee plant without the taste of coffee! Lotus Cascara
captures the nutritional powerhouse of coffee fruit, through a patented
extraction process to preserve the amazing health benefits of the coffee
cherry and deliver maximized levels of all natural (never roasted) coffee
polyphenols. We reunite coffee fruit (Cascara) with natural caffeine from green
coffee beans, “adaptogenic" botanicals, key amino acids and B-vitamins in a
natural plant-based energy super fusion that mesmerizes the taste buds!

Pumps sold separately! Pumps fit Lotus 1/2 gallon bottles and dispense 1/2 oz per pump. Reusable and Dishwasher Safe.

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