Dark Roast Coffees Actually Have Less Caffeine

light Vs Dark roast

Do dark roast coffees actually have less caffeine? A dark roasted bean contains more caffeine than a light roasted coffee due to it’s stronger flavor. Not exactly. Actually, the caffeine is virtually the same in both varieties. Many of us think that by creating dark roasted coffees that it’s burned off in the process. Which is not true, caffeine levels change very little.

Did you know that beans expand in size during the roasting process. When your aiming for a darker roast profile they will be lighter in weight and bigger in size. So, if your like us we measure each cup in grams. Lighter roast coffees are smaller in size and weight a lot more, basically you’ll be consuming more caffeine with these types of beans.

After investigating one of the nation’s most consumed coffees, we found this truth to be self evident: all cups of Joe are not created equal. Cheers!

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