What's Brewing at Cora?


Smoked Turkey with Coffee Glaze

Step it up this year coffee lovers. All you need is a grill with a lid and alder wood chips. You'll be looking at about 3 hours to thoroughly smoke the turkey.
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Caramel Apple Butter Iced Coffee

A delicious combination of ripe orchard apples dipped in smooth, creamy caramel. Loaded with an intense butter note and rich taste, this treat is the ultimate temptation.
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Spiced Pumpkin Pie Cocoa

It’s pumpkin season! What better way to celebrate than with a warm cup of spiced pumpkin pie cocoa? This hot chocolate is rich, creamy and has all the great flavors of fall’s favorite dessert. 


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Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

We are pretty sure there's not enough pecan pie in the world. The buttery crust, gooey filling, flavor, pecans. How delicious.....

Let us present the Bourbon Pecan Pie Martini. Sweet, rich and nutty. 
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Halloween Gelato Cupcakes

With Halloween approaching, how bout some too-cute gelato cupcakes? They are a must for your shop or restaurant this holiday. There's always room for creativity on these delicious cupcakes, so add your favorite spooky candy of choice.

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Kookie Stella Recipe

Ingredients (950g)     Stella Base Mix  (50g)       Whole Milk (50-60g)  Kookie Stella Paste (to taste)  Kookie Stella Variegato (to taste) Chocolate biscotti  Directions 1. Pour Kookie Stella Paste in the base mix 2. Blend 3. Pour...

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Rose Sorbetto

Here is a recipe to end your perfect summer cocktail. Rose Sorbetto. Calling to all of our wine enthusiasts! If you fell in love with the real thing, you'll absolutely adore this frozen treat. Cheers!
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Iced Smoked Caramel Macchiato

One of the most popular summer beverages, just got even better. The Iced Smoked Caramel Macchiato. So simple, yet so flavorful. Sweet caramel mashes with brown butter and espresso, topped with a smokey flavored whipped cream to garnish.
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Apple Brown Butter Betty

The perfect new fall recipe, Apple Brown Butter Betty. We just love the simplicity and taste of the moist buttery coffee cake, cinnamon streusel flavored beverage. Add this to your menu and save us a sip.
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