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Prodotti Stella

Since 1936 Prodotti Stella has been meeting the demands of pastry chefs and gelato makers throughout the world. Attention to quality and genuine products, hard work and many years of experience are our secret ingredients. Prodotti Stella’s mission is to support and enhance the talent of gelato and pastry makers. Our experts and consultants are committed to supporting you in every phase of your work, studying every aspect to guarantee maximum satisfaction. We believe that your success is our success. Our work

What is the secret to the long track record of success of Prodotti Stella? Continuous and ongoing innovation. Here are some examples:

Le Vie dell’Eccellenza by Prodotti Stella is a journey through unexplored flavors, while keeping traditions alive: the only possible way to make the most of the finest ingredients.

All Natural is the definitive and uncompromising choice. Thanks to All Natural we can guarantee that ingredients maintain their natural authenticity.

Gluten Free® is a wide range of certified products for gluten-intolerant people who have the right to enjoy a good artisan gelato.

Gelato is a pleasure that no one should miss out on: for this reason we have created products that are suitable for people who are intolerant to specific substances or lactose

6 products Showing