Martellato USA Push Up Pops

$ 25.00

A great way to prepare, serve and eat dessert, this unique set-up to serve gelato can be enjoyed completely to the bottom!

The stem of this plastic cup gets joined to a disk that you push from beneath to raise the food as you eat it. The push-pop container comes disassembled, but attaching the parts is a cinch. First you insert the stem in the disk. Then you push those connected parts, stem first, inside the cup. A stand can help you prepare a bunch of gelato desserts at once. When you've finished filling the cups, put on their lids supplied in the package, freeze the dessert in a blast chiller using the low temperature resistant white holder and put them on display watch them fly out of your case!

3.043 oz cylindrical chamber measures 3-3/16 high x 1-7/8; diameter. Stem is 3-3/4 long.

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