Prodotti Stella Variegates and Toppings

$ 67.00

Prodotti Stella Variegates and Toppings give different textures and consistency to gelato while simultaneously adding visual effects in the showcase to attract your customer's attention. These products are extremely versatile as they can be used with each other to create endless flavor combinations.


Fleur de Sel Variegate contains a large quantity of Fleur de Sel salt crystals which are hand-harvested from the surface of the sea in the medieval French town of Guerande. It is perfect in combination with Fleur de Toffee paste for a Sea Salt Caramel gelato.

Kookie&Caramel Variegate is in paste form with rich content of chopped caramel biscuits in various sizes.

Kookie&Cream Variegate is a dark cream with chocolate cookie flavor rich in cocoa cookie pieces. 

Stracciatella All Natural stands out thanks to its plain chocolate flavor and not only can be used to prepare the traditional “Stracciatella” flavor, but is perfect to create the stracciatella effect in many other flavors. (Gluten Free)

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