Lavender Nectar Iced Latte


Most people who love lavender enjoy it in bath and body products, fragrances and essential oils, and even home cleaning products. The culinary uses of lavender are less popular, but more and more people are getting used to seeing lavender chocolate available in stores. The latest, and one of the most delicious uses of lavender is in beverages, namely hot beverages. Hot chocolate with a hint of lavender is perfect for a cozy winter afternoon. Why not make it an iced latte? Lavender flavored coffee is starting to gain popularity, and for many good reasons.


(2 shots) espresso
(¹/³ cup) cold milk
(¹/³ cup) ice


1. Add both Monin syrups to glass.
2. Add ice and milk with an inch left at top.
3. Add espresso and garnish with a stem of lavender.
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