Bravo Trittico Mechanic

Bravo Trittico Mechanic

Bravo Bravo Trittico Mechanic


The Mechanic is used for the production of artisanal gelato, sorbetto, and premium ice cream.

The Mechanic is two machines in one. The Bravo Trittico Mechanic is one of the best solutions for a retail or wholesale application for creating your own gelato, premium ice cream, sorbet, and more. This machine is a batch freezer and pasteurizer all in one, and is the superior choice for this type of equipment.

Bravo Trittico models are “True Two Speed Machines”, and pasteurize with all the necessary approvals. They save space, are a lower equipment investment, provide lower operating cost, and you end up with superior results. Dry, soft, creamy and stable gelato.

You can produce gelato and sorbets at a low over-run (air) & produce premium ice creams at a medium over-run with one turn of the control knob.

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