Carrot Ginger Sorbetto

Carrot Ginger Sorbetto

Carrot Carrot Ginger Sorbetto


1000g (35.3oz)         water

2000g (70.5oz)         carrot juice

550g (19.4oz)           sugar

100g (3.5oz)             PreGel Dextrose

130g (4.6oz)             PreGel Fruttosa (Water & Milk Base – Hot/Cold Process

45g (1.6oz)               fresh ground ginger root

10g (0.4oz)               PreGel Vellutina (Sorbitol Paste)

50g (1.8oz)               PreGel Orange Fortefrutto

30g (1.1oz)               PreGel Fibraplus (Fiber Base Texturizer)


1. In a large container blend together all of the ingredients until smooth.

2. Place in batch freezer and process according to the manufacturers instructions.


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