Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015


Are you looking for great gift ideas for that coffee lover in your family or a loved one? Then look no further to our highest recommendations for this year.

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Joe Frex Handle Technic Tamper


This sophisticated tamper handle with integrated precision release mechanism allows you to perfectly set and control the maximal pressure you require for optimal results, depending on the type and coarseness of the coffee grounds and also on your personal preferences.

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Cafflano® Klassic is the world’s first portable pour-over coffee maker reflecting an intuitive and epoch-making all-in-one design. It can stimulate and boost up the sales of coffee beans as we address to enjoy specialty coffee everywhere with Cafflano® Klassic; home, office, school, car, outdoor, and etc. Preparing all necessary brewing kits costs much and troublesome when trying to enjoy coffee outdoor; Cafflano® Klassic is affordable and its light weight ensures maximum portability, removing hassle of packing.

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Acaia Lunar Waterproof Espresso Scale


Every experienced barista knows a little water in the wrong place is enough to kill your average shot scale, and so the Lunar is completely waterproof. Acaia backs this up even further with a two year warranty which includes water damage protection. This sophisticated, modern scale is a rechargeable, waterproof, app connected device all housed in an elegant aluminum body. Beautifully designed and thoughtfully built, it’s a great piece of kit that is aiming to last the test of time for high quality coffee prep — if you’re in need of a great set of scales for espresso (or brew) extraction, the Lunar will not disappoint!

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Baratza Vario


This commercial-grade Baratza Vario Burr Grinder with metal portaholder and LED display features an advanced panel display, 54mm ceramic flat burrs, a throughput of 1.6-2.2 grams per second and an innovative macro/micro grind adjustment with 230 settings. The Vario and the Vario-W are virtually identical in design and capabilities: small footprint, macro/micro adjustment, 54mm ceramic burrs and a broad range of grinds.

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Reclaimed Red Pine Espresso Board


Looking for a way to serve your espresso shots in a very upscale unique manner? Checkout these remarkable espresso boards that just pop with awesomeness.

Craft Hammer is a company dedicated staying on the forefront of creative, innovative and inspiring goods. From furniture, to smoking pipes, to home decor. Their handmade pieces will look amazing with any design and sure to become treasured items.

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Coil Iced Coffee Brewer


Drink iced coffee when it’s at its best and freshest with Coil. Up until now, to get iced coffee you had to either water it down using ice, or plan a day in advance by soaking the grounds. With Coil, just pour the hot coffee into the lid or brew it directly into the container. The coffee passes through copper tubing — which can drop the temperature from 210° to 48° in under 4 minutes. Instant gratification and your iced coffee never even touches ice.

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We are a company dedicated to staying on the forefront of creative, innovative, and inspiring goods. From furniture, to smoking pipes, to home decor, our handmade pieces will look amazing with any design, and are sure to become  treasured items. As well as stock goods, we accept custom orders and ideas, and we would love to build something beautiful with you. 

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