Coconut Gelato Recipe

pregel coconut

The main difference between ice cream and gelato is the taste and texture. Gelato freezes at a higher temperature than ice cream. This gives a much more intense flavour than you get from eating ice cream which is colder and numbs your tastes buds slightly. The warmer the temperature the more you can taste! Gelato is also made with less fat, so good news it’s better for you than ice cream! (Depending on how much you eat of it of course). Gelato is also much softer and smoother in texture than traditional ice cream. All the better for eating!


3000g (105.8oz) Whole Milk

150g (5.3oz) Cream

540g (19 oz) Sugar

60g (2.1 oz) PreGel Dextrose`

300g (10.6oz) PreGel Totalbase (Water & Milk Base-Cold Process)

200g (7.1 oz) PreGel Coconut Traditional Paste

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