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Cora Italian Specialties is very excited and proud for CoffeeCon 2014. This is the fourth year of this fun and informative convention. Hopefully we will see you there and here is a coupon code for $2 off your tickets (CortCoffeeCon) type this in where it say’s, coupon code during checkout.

CoffeeCON is the world’s first consumer coffee university and coffee conference. Leading experts will teach tasting seminars and hands-on labs in all coffee techniques including Turkish Coffee, Vietnamese Coffee, Coffee Farming, Vacuum Brewing, French Press Brewing, Pour-over methods, Chemex Brewing, Aeropress Brewing, Aeropress Hacks, Auto Drip Brewing, Grinding, Home Roasting, Home Espresso, Viennese Cafe Culture, How to Host a Cupping Party, Food and Coffee Pairing and the BUNN Trifecta Lab.

The atrium will feature many small batch roasters at our coffee market. There will be free sampling at every booth. You can talk directly to the roasters understand their goals and coffee philosophy. Once again Chicago Acoustic Underground will provide live music coffeehouse entertainment. Area artists will display works of art throughout the building adding to our coffeehouse “look and feel”.

Tentative List of Classes

Turkish Coffee – The world’s oldest coffee brewing method, our expert teaches the gear you need, a step by step tutorial and even the ceremony connected with this most pure and possibly strongest of all coffees.

Vietnamese Coffee – Asia’s coffee infatuation includes a brewing method that varies a bit depending upon region but includes milk and sugar during preparation. We are proud to include this genuine and unique coffee.

Cuban Coffee – America’s leisure class used to love to flee winter to Cuba and a part of why was Cuban coffee. Cuba had access to nearby luxuries such as Jamaica Blue Mountain, but locals still preferred this coffee which is unlike any other culture’s method. We teach it. You’ll want to learn it.

Viennese Coffee – Mozart, Voltaire, so many great artists of the Renaissance and beyond were inspired by this method. Such was its powers that Bach set his coffee recipe to music. We have the authentic method, along with fresh Viennese pasty of course.

Siphon Brewing – The Siphon, or vacuum was the leading coffee brewing method from 1930 through the late 1950s, when it was displaced by the pumping percolator. The lost vacuum art went away until the 1990s when it resurfaced to a small but dedicated group, who’ve since conspired to see if it can take over again. Maybe it can if you take our siphon class.

French Press Brewing – You might have a French press but unless you’ve taken our class you likely aren’t getting all the flavor out of it.

Chemex Brewing – The Chemex is an American original, invented by a designer who decided he would drink coffee only if he made it in his own invention. Come learn some unique features and to brew using Peter Schlumbohm’s own recipe.

AeroPress Brewing – Certain hipsters, often off-duty baristas have adopted the AeroPress Brewer as their own. This method is as simple or complex as you want to make it and has the benefit of being a great travel brewer.

AeroPress Hacks – The Aeropress is so flexible an entire culture has grown up around playing with its variables, even brewing upside down. Our Aeropress hacks class is one of CoffeeCon’s most popular. If you think you know it all, sign up.

Auto Drip Brewing – Auto drip brewing may appear simple, and it can be once you understand it. It is misunderstood and one of the most disappointing methods until you learn how to adjust for your brewer. Then it’s fantastic. Discover the best coffee maker in the world just might be one already in your kitchen.

Manual Pour-Over – Manual Pour-over is taken for granted. Really there are lots of different manual pour-over brewers and each one has its unique qualities. Learn how to choose one and how to master any of them and optimize it to your tastes.

Home Espresso – Home espresso was a boom and then it went away. We’re convinced it’s because most people never learned to master it. It takes learned skill but nothing you can’t do at home with a small investment. Learn how to choose and master the espresso machine, not have it master you. Sing up early. This gets packed.


Latte Art – We can teach you to entertain guests or enjoy yourself making café quality latte art. Learn milk texturing, including which milk and how to make designs as your signature cappuccinos and lattes.Cup of Excellence Tasting – Cup of Excellence coffees are the world’s top tier, peer reviewed. Coffee experts raise their own costs by voting for winners. We have them. You can taste and compare these coffees, many which are not available commercially in the U.S.How To Throw A Cupping Party – Cupping is what experts say when they taste and compare coffees. This is a highly educational way, but more important, it’s both tasty and fun. Some people even make it a game, where they challenge each other to guess the origin, roast and brewing method blindfolded. We teach it and you can learn it, as well as social customs from around the world.Serving and Storage of Coffee – Does coffee really stay fresh in a thermos? Can you freeze beans and preserve freshness? How can be buy highly perishable coffee, keep it fresh and keep it simple. Lots of practical tips.Coffee & Food Paring – A coffee expert and a chef team up to share their best coffee and food pairings.

Grinding – Dividing a coffee bean into little pieces starts every great coffee brewing process. It’s one of the most important steps to good brewing. Yet, people, even connoisseurs grind improperly much of the time. Learn about it and how to grind properly and improve every cup of coffee you brew.

Importance of Proper Water – Water is 98% of the strongest cup of coffee, yet most of us don’t realize what it’s role is, how to control it as an important brewing variable.

Coffee Sustainability – The world’s average coffee grower is 58 years old and his children are unlikely to choose coffee growing as a profession. This means a tremendous loss of entrepreneurship and farming craft soon if we do not learn what it takes to make coffee sustainable as we have our other produce. Nothing is more vital or necessary than this class and consumers are the ones who can learn what to do to make coffee truly sustainable.

Coffee On The Road – How do you travel and maintain your coffee brewing arsenal? Road warrior coffee experts share their secrets.

Olfactory Development – Training our noses and taste buds will result in renewed appreciation of coffee in all its forms and at all levels. For the consummate connoisseur who must become an expert at CoffeeCon. Limited class size.

Home Roasting Demos – Roasting is the ultimate for many advanced coffee aficionados. We have partnered with great home roasters and they are ready to initiate you at all levels.

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