Coffee Latte Art: Get Your Wiggle On to Pour Like a Pro

This is a great, engaging video that explains how speed, distance and location affects the pour when creating latte art.

There are three basic factors that affect the end result of a latte art pour: 1 – Speed = the faster, the more texture, and the slower, the more liquid. The trick is to get an even amount of texture and liquid in the coffee.

2 – Distance = the further you are, the more the milk wants to dive under the surface of the coffee, the closer you get, the more that white wants to sit on top of that coffee.

3 – Location = are you pouring in the middle, on the side, or missing the cup of coffee entirely? This is kind of important (and funny) so watch the video to learn more.

Basically, here’s the plan for a perfect rosetta latte art: Start high right in the middle, drop it in, stay in the middle, maintain speed, get the wiggle on, stack it up, back it up high, drop the pour back a little and slice it through.

Keep practicing your coffee latte art and you might be as good as this guy!

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