Coffee Tonic Recipe

Coffee Coffee Tonic Recipe

Who would’ve thought that tonic water would compliment a single origin espresso. Is this unexpected? Definitely. I swear, after one taste you’ll be saying to yourself: Where has this been all my life?

Production  is very simple. Basically it’s a long shot of espresso poured into a bubbly glass of gourmet Q Tonic water. So sit back and get those taste buds ready for an infusion of sweet, citrusy, creamy effervescent iced coffee. Try cold brew for a different style.


6 oz.                Q Tonic Water

2 oz.                Bristot Tiziano Espresso (long-shot)


Pour the 6oz of tonic water over ice in a tall glass. Then slowly pour the espresso on top. Keep in mind for overflow. Enjoy!



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