Cunill Tranquilo Grinder Clearance


Cunill Tranquilo. Suitable for both light commercial and domestic use, it’s conical burrs produce an even grind. The coffee dispenser can be accurately adjusted using a scale on its front.

  • The construction grade is commercial and very heavy, almost over-engineered.
  • It has the largest burrs and motor in its class.
  • Unique ‘hybrid doserless’ design dispenses a timed dose of coffee direct to the portafilter via a funnel enclosure that minimises mess.
  • Fits on most benches beneath overhanging cupboards – 38 cm high.
  • It’s not too noisy (for a grinder) – 77 dB in operation.
  • There are 55 grind notch settings, allowing small incremental adjustments in coarseness.
  • Excellent grind consistency.
  • Easy to access and clean.


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