Descale Home Espresso Machine

Descale your machine Descale Home Espresso Machine

What is “Scale”? The build up of minerals inside the hot parts of your coffee machine or espresso machine is commonly called lime scale.

We suggest descaling your machine every few month with normal usage. You may need to perform this more often with higher mineral content water. To test this you can purchase a (TDS) total dissolve solid reader here.

Below you find descaling instructions for a general type of espresso machine.

Descaling a single boiler espresso machine

1) Dissolve 8-10g of descaling agent into a full water reservoir.

2) Turn group-head button on and empty out a cup of solution. Then another cup through the steam wand.

3) Power down the espresso machine and let sit for 20 minutes. Doing this is very important to allow time for descaling process.

4) When the 20 minutes is up, run 1/2 cup out of group-head and 1/2 cup out of steam wand.

5) Turn off the espresso machine again. Let sit for another 20 minutes.

6) Flush the remaining water out of the steam wand and brew head. Finish by running out clean water through the machine.



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