Desco Pasta Cookers


descousa_single_burner_pasta_cooker Desco Pasta Cooker

Desco Pasta Cookers are perfect for cooking fresh or dry pasta, or for rethermalizing up to 700 servings per hour. These cookers can also be used to cook rice, vegetables, potatoes, and seafood. Solid pans can be inserted into a cooking tank to hold sauces as well. Choose between the single or double tank models.

Each cooking tank is stamped from one piece of stainless steel. This seamless construction makes the tanks highly resistant to the corrosive effects of salted water. A blanket of ceramic fiber insulation wraps each tank, virtually eliminating hot surfaces while increasing efficiency and performance.

A high efficiency burner heats each cooking tank. The burner design concentrates a greater amount of heat at the rear of the tank creating a convective flow of water that eliminates the need for manual tossing or stirring of pasta while simultaneously shortening cooking times. This flow also moves undesirable starches to the skim drain located at the front of each tank keeping the cooking water starch-free. A straight line drain connection prevents clogs and is easy to clean.

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