Disposing Coffee Chaff

How to dispose coffee chaff

Disposing Coffee Chaff Disposing Coffee Chaff

Coffee chaff is the dried skin on a coffee bean, which comes off during the roasting process. Chaff creates huge messes for shops and roasters because its a waste product. With it being light, it gets everywhere. So, your forever cleaning equipment and will affect the flavors of new coffees if left in roaster chamber. Most don’t like dealing with waste and there are many great way’s to dispose coffee chaff. And turn it into something useful.

1) How bout composting? Yes! It’s matter is organic, dense and airy. Mostly ideal for garden compost bins. Basically, all organic matter will want to oxidise and return back to it’s natural state. The fact it’s in a compost bin with the right conditions, will help to accelerate this process.

2) How bout mulching? Sure! Adding a layer of chaff to the soil surface will conserve moisture and improve the health and nutrients of the soil.

3) How bout chicken coop bedding? Absolutely! Many fill the coop with all chaff or you can blend it with pine to cut your costs down considerably. Storing the chaff is the easy part, all you need is industrial sized garbage bags or containers. It is so lightweight that transportation can be simple back and forth.

Having the faint aroma of coffee in the coop is an added bonus.

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