Easter Egg Hunt Gelato Recipe



Cold Process Recipe:

3000g (105.8 oz) Whole Milk

150g (5.3 oz) Heavy Cream

540g (19.0 oz) Sugar

60g (2.1 oz) PreGel Dextrose

300g (10.6 oz) PreGel Totalbase (Water & Milk Base- Cold Process)

120g (4.2 oz) PreGel Caramel Traditional Paste

300g (10.6 oz) PreGel Gran Stracciatella Reale Arabechi (Chocolate Chips)

1 Small Bag Mini Easter Creme Eggs

1 Small Bag (0.0 oz) Mini Candy Coated Chocolate Eggs

Method Of Preparation:

1) Combine the first 7 ingredients in a large plastic bucket.

2) Mix well for 2-3 minutes using an immersion blender.

3) Place in batch freezer and process according to machine’s instructions.

4) Melt PreGel Gran Stracciatella Reale Arabeschi (Chocolate Chips) and fold into gelato during extraction.

5) Hide cream and candy eggs throughout the gelato.




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