Ghirardelli: Introducing Three NEW Frappe Flavors

Mike loves it when he can save our customers a few bucks!
Mike loves it when he can save our customers a few bucks!


The Frappe has been around a long time. As we have found, most anything that’s good was created from an accident and the frappe is no exception.

In 1957, in the second largest city in Greece during a popular trade fair, an exhibitor was mixing up a new chocolate beverage for children when an employee working in the booth, was desperate for a cup of coffee. Speaking from experience, we agree that coffee is a necessity during long, grueling hours worked at a trade show, so we can appreciate this exhibitors quest.) Finding no source for hot water, this avid coffee drinker decided to mix the instant coffee with cold water and ice; it wasn’t long before this soon became the popular drink of choice in Greece and is known to be the national coffee of Greece to this day and as they say, the rest is history .

Here in the states, the frappe has evolved and is prepared chilled or frozen. The frozen version is is like a smoothie and the most popular is a chocolate flavored frappe – otherwise known as the mocha frappe.

Ghirardelli Over Leading BrandsJPG

In a cutting (blind taste test), consumers choose Ghirardelli over other leading brands. Frappe sales are up 20% versus three years ago (according to Harris Interactive).

In honor of the sixty year old drink that has swept the American coffee culture, Ghirardelli introduces new frappe flavors. The mocha and white mocha varieties include real Colombian coffee and premium Ghirardelli cocoa. They do not include hydrogenated oils and there’s no need to add espresso or coffee. The Frozen Hot Chocolate has an intense chocolate flavor and is coffee-free. To check it out, click here to Cora’s Frappe page.

The best part is that from now until the end of the year, you can save a few bucks – up to $30 with a rebate. Just give Mike a call for more information – he’ll fill you in on all the frappe details.

Ya ssas (“goodbye” in Greek)!




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