Guittard Rich & Creamy Syrup




In the 1850′s, Etienne Guittard embarked on an arduous journey from France to America. It was during the California Gold Rush, and in just a few short years, while still in his twenties, this adventuresome Frenchman struck gold on the rough and tumble streets of early San Francisco.  In no time, San Francisco became one of the great chocolate manufacturing centers in America, where ships from exotic regions of the world brought their cacao beans to market. Of the original family-owned companies that brought commerce and culture to the dusty, often lawless streets of early San Francisco, Guittard Chocolate Company is the only one that remains family-owned.


Guittard chocolate Company is one of only ten chocolate makers in the US, and one of few that works directly with growers, long before harvest. An expert team at Guittard travels the world, working closely with growers to assess the development of indivual crops and to oversee the fermentation and drying process of the cacao beans. Whether working with the bold and traditional, or the unique flavors and characteristics of rare heirloom varieties, Gary is constantly searching for that elusive blend or single origin bean from which to develop a whole new and exciting chocolate experience.

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