Irish Cream Gelato Recipe

Irish Cream Gelato Irish Cream Gelato

Irish Cream Gelato

2750g  (97.0 oz)            whole milk

300g    (10.6 oz)            heavy cream

450g    (15.9 oz)            PreGel Base Allegra (Alcoholic Base – Hot/Cold Process

400g    (14.1 oz)            sugar

70g       (2.5 oz)             nonfat dry milk

250g    (8.8 oz)             Irish cream

147g     (5.2 oz)             PreGel Coffee Costa d’ Oro Traditional Paste (Espresso)

Method of Preparation

 1. Combine all ingredients in a large bucket and mix well with an immersion   blender.

2. Place mix in batch freezer and process according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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