Knowing light vs Dark beans

Knowing light vs Dark beans Beans

Many ask what’s the difference between light vs dark roasts? Dark roast refers to coffee beans that have been roasted longer. Light roasts refers to coffee beans that have been roasted for a less amount of time. Medium roasts fall in between both of the processes in which many specialty shops are now serving. What most are looking for during the roast profiles are certain flavors that a created for themselves or their customers.

Due keep in mind that lighter roast will have more caffeine depending on how high the altitude was in which the beans were grown. This controls the amount of bitterness, flavor and brightness(acidity) Like a very good wine, the flavors in a light roast coffee are typically influenced by factors like climate, soil, and so forth.

In dark roasts, much of the flavor will result in the length of the roasting process. You will notice that most good light roast coffees are named after the plantation where the coffee beans were grown, the region where the plantation is located, and other geographic descriptors. Many dark roasts are named after the roasting process applied to the coffee (i.e. Italian Roast, French Roast, etc.). This is because the roasting process itself brings out specific flavors from the coffee bean as it cooks (just as toasting bread will bring out new flavors in the bread) while simultaneously cooking out the unique characteristics of the bean. In the end, dark roasts are generally fuller bodied than light roasts as a result of the roasting process.

Which is better? You can’t really argue that point because not everyone drinks their coffee the same way we do. Some like sugar or milk in their coffee. We personally like it straight up because the amount attention that’s put into the brewing process during a pour-over. Since it’s single origin coffee it has many appreciating flavor notes that are brought out during the brewing process. In which temperature and grind particle size are extremely important to the production of a single cup. We like light to medium roasts for the purpose of bringing out a higher acidity for more notes in the coffee.

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