Losing Weight Sipping Coffee


The most desired consumed beverage in the morning is coffee and most can’t get their day started without it. Did you know that your morning cup of Joe could help you lose weight? Wait! What? Really? Yes! The New Year 2017 is upon us and resolutions are full steam ahead.


With all the specialty roasted coffee beans on the market, there’s no excuse why you can’t enjoy a flavorful black cup of coffee these days. This is by far the best option for weight loss and you would think more people consume it this way. Coffee is essentially calorie free and holds antioxidants which help keep the body ward off any bad juju that may threaten your health. Most importantly, coffee will help you stay bright eyed and bushy tailed to give you much needed energy for your workouts.


Most drink their coffee with cream but did you know that milk doesn’t have unsaturated fats or calories like half & half does. Opting for diary-free alternatives work, such as hemp, coconut and almond milk to name a few. Whatever you decide to use please cutout whole or 2% for dieting purposes.


This my friends is probably the hardest one to get over. Countless day’s were spent working behind the bar and watching this drop to the bottom of the cup. So what do you do? I know, it all tastes so freaking good; by all means and helps get rid of bitterness found in your morning cup. Well…You’ll be happy to know that their are specialty coffees out there that master roasters or owners of well established cafes are featuring in blends for drip, espresso’s and cold brew. How is that possible? It’s simple. Coffee beans are considered a fruit and when roasting it to a certain level it releases a caramelization reaction. Depending on the origin and grade of the green coffee, you’ll achieve cane sugar or sweetened candy notes from this process. Then it’s brewed to a certain temperature with the right amount of TDS in the water. Find this and your body, brain and sensory palate mouth with thank you in the end.


Keep in mind that with all things consumed or enjoyed daily, coffee should be taken in moderation. Too much could lead to jitteriness and massive dehydration, which will affect your workouts and ability to focus. With all things said or considered remember, blacker the better in the long run.
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