Maintaining Your Wand or Frother


It is essential to keep your steam wand clear of any solidified milk which can clog up the tip and wand shaft. In a worst case scenario, milk can draw into the boiler.

Dried milk goes sour and usually carries a ton of bacteria. The flavor is very putrid to taste and could make one very sick. Here are few signs of a clogged wand.

  • Very little steam coming out of wand.
  • Water drips slowly from the tip instead of steam.
  • A high pitched screeching noise comes from steam wand when fully activated..

Purge After Steaming:

Always make sure to purge the steam wand immediately after steaming your milk. This will keep the tip clean and prevent milk from being sucked up into the wand.

Have a semi-wet cold clean towel to wipe milk particles away as soon as you can this will prevent milk drying on the wand. The longer you wait to wipe the wand off the more difficult it will be to remove the milk.

Regularly Cleaning:

Make sure to get into the habit of cleaning the tip or any other removable object in soapy water. This should be done every night as a closing duty and it will prevent clogging of the steam wand.

They have two cleaning products on the market designed for frothing and steam wands and can be purchased through our website.

-Urnex Rinza

-Full Circle Milk Wash


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