Mint Milkshake

Green Mint Shakes Mint Milkshake


Mint Gelato Cold Process:

3000g     (105.8 oz)       whole milk

150g         (5.3 oz)           cream

540g        (19.0 oz)         sugar

60g          (2.1 oz)            PreGel Dextrose

300g        (10.6 oz)         PreGel Totalbase * (Water & Milk Base – Cold Process

140g         (4.9 oz)           PreGel Mint – Green Traditional Paste

Method Of Preparation:

1) Combine all ingredients into a large plastic bucket.

2) Mix well for 2-3 minutes using an immersion blender.

3) Place in batch freezer and process according to machine’s instructions.

Mint Milkshake:

100g         (3.5 oz)           whole milk

400g         (14.1 oz)         mint gelato


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