Monin: The Virgin Trend

The market for virgin or non-alcoholic drinks is huge and increasing with drinks such as juices, sparkling ciders, sodas, soft drinks, tea, and coffee just to name a few that have become the more popular choices these days.

Termed as “virgin drinks” in the US, the global market of these beverages is growing at a steady pace. According to the Union of European Soft Drinks Associations (UNESDA), the European consumption of non alcoholic beverages totals to more than 120 billion liters per year.*

The target is not only the young as non-alcoholic drinkers include an ever increasing group that include drivers, diabetics, dieters, and the healthy conscience…

Monin has developed its products with the authentic, sought-after taste profiles of the spirits and classic cocktails top of mind. Click the picture to see flavors offered!
Monin Syrups has great alternatives for the non-alcoholic drink. Click the picture to see the selection!

The preference to funcitonal beverages such as teas and flavored sodas over alcoholic drinks is driven by the concern for liver problems, cardiovascuar disease and cancer. In contrast to the risks involved with consuming alcoholic based drinks, non alcoholic drinks such as green tea and fruit based smoothies increase the levels of antioxidants in the bloodstream, which could have an overall beneficial effect in the cardiovascualr system.

Taking the basic ingredient of soda water, tea or other non-alcoholic mix-ins and adding the Monin flavors has proven to be very profitable.
Flavors available : Mojito Mint, Gin Flavor, Caribbean (Rum flavor), Pina-Colada, Irish, Triple Sec Curaçao, Sangria Mix, Bitter, Sweet & Sour. Call Cora Italian Specialties to order your flavors: 800.696.2672 or click here to the Monin flavor page.
*Transparency Market Research

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