National Blueberry Month

Let’s celebrate National Blueberry Month!

Blueberry National Blueberry Month Oatmeal

These are five health benefits for consuming blueberries,

1) Fights off diseases – Because blueberries have the highest amount total antioxidants to fight off radicals in our body.

2) Reducing Belly fat – Researchers have found that blueberry intake affected genes linked to fat burning and storage.

3) Prevent Hypertension – A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has that blue, red pigments found in the fruit gave protection against hypertension. Those eating more than 1/2 cup a week reduced their risk of developing the condition by 10% compared to those who didn’t.

4) Maintains you’re brain – Anthocyanins has been linked to an increase in neuronal signalling in brain centres. After a 12 week study on adults, it was found that wild blueberry juice showed functions of memory improvement.

5) Reduces risks for Colon Cancer – A compound found in blueberries called pterostilbene. Has shown capabilities to suppress colon tumor growth and inflammatory markers.

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