Pour Over Brewing Methods

Pour-over brewing Brewing Methods

As much as we enjoy visiting coffee shops along our travels to Italy and Chicago, sometimes we just wanna stay home and make coffee for ourselves or family. To enjoy and support specialty coffee roasters at home is quite inexpensive and you’ll need to figure out what brewing method to use. Picking the fresh roast is the easy part on your behalf.


What’s a Great Coffee Brewer

1) Clever Coffee Dripper-

This brewing method combines the best features of a French press and filter drip brewing, basically eliminating the drawbacks from each. By adding a stopper to the filter-cone, the clever controls steeping time with a sediment free cup.

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Pour over Clever Coffee Dripper

2) Eva Solo-

Bring the best out of your beans with this Coffee Maker with Neoprene Cover from Eva Solo. You can put your trust when pouring, this coffee maker features a drip free lip that manages to catch every last drop of liquid that would usually make a mess on the table. Brewing has never been so simple, this modern Danish design offers an everyday function complete with a flip-top lid that automatically opens for easy pouring finished with a snug zip fasten insulating cover that will keep your coffee hot.

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3) Hario v60-

Very simplistic design, distinct ribbed lines for flow results, great light feel in fingers, produces an exceptionally clean full bodied cup, fits on top of every coffee cup in your cabinet and extremely easy to clean and store.

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4) Chemex 3-Cup-

Designed by a chemist and designer who really loved coffee. The compact design of this 3-cup chemex features ultra realistic design in the wood collar and glass. In our opinion, this produces one of the cleanest and less bitterness cups of coffee because of the construction of the half-moon paper filter. You can also produce killer iced coffee, tea and beverage infusion drinks with this.

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5) Kalita Wave-

This thing isn’t just eye-candy. Many rank the Kalita Wave higher than other pour-over brewers because its flat bottomed filters allow for a more even extraction, as opposed to cone or wedge shape. However you brew your coffee, you’ve got to appreciate the look of the Kalita Wave. Shiny chrome objects can be so tacky, but the Wave has clean Art Deco quality that really sings.

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6) Aeropress-

Among coffee aficionados, the AeroPress is a revelation. A small, $30 plastic device that resembles a plunger makes what many consider to be the best cup of coffee in the world. Proponents of the device claim that drinks made with the AeroPress are more delicious than those made with thousand-dollar machines. Perhaps best of all, the AeroPress seems to magically clean itself during the extraction process.


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Good coffee no matter what method needs the following:

  • Fresh grind: coffee loses flavour when it is exposed to oxygen. Grinding increases the surface area of coffee, so it is exposed to more oxygen. Grind immediately before brewing, not before for the best flavour extraction.
  • Correct coarseness: how coarse or how fine the coffee should be depends on the method being used. For example, espresso uses a fine grind while a French press uses a very coarse grind.  Check our specific brewing instructions for your method. If you don’t see your equipment here, feel free to get in touch! We would love to help you find the best way to brew.
  • Clean water: brewed coffee is mostly water, so it’s important that it tastes good to start!
  • Clean equipment: coffee oil is full of flavour – good flavour when it’s fresh and terrible flavour when it’s rancid! Maintaining clean equipment will protect your good taste, as well as prolong the life of your equipment.

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