PreGel New Flavors

If you’d like to sample any of these great flavors, please reach out to Mike at for our new February treats.

Popcorn Super Sprint:

Buttery Popcorn Gelato PreGel New Flavor

Everyone’s favorite movie treat popcorn is now being served as a frozen dessert. Try our latest Super Sprint that provides the buttery taste of just popped popcorn.

Pancakes & Maple Syrup Super Sprint:


Breakfast served all day in a new way, this Super Sprint brings the taste of homemade pancakes with fresh maple syrup in the form of gelato, soft serve or ice cream. Simply add to our instant powdered mix and process in a frozen dessert machine.

Red Velvet Super Sprint:


Everyone loves the deliciousness of Red Velvet Cake. This classic dessert now comes in a cup as any frozen dessert with our instant Super Sprint mix. Swirl Cheesecake Super Sprint for the full effect of cream cheese frosting.


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