Professional Barista Training

Professional Barista Training

Over the last 17 years, our in-house Professional Barista has spent countless hours perfecting the art of espresso extraction and refining the necessary skills to amaze customers with his latte art. He has been a respected judge for the “Best Espresso” competition at Coffee Fest, has competed in worldwide Latte Art competitions, has worked many professional events, and has his own coffee review website among other coffee related ventures.

Our Professional Barista Training will cover the basics of espresso equipment, espresso extraction, milk steaming and latte art. Latte art designs will include hearts, rosettas and tulips. Through extensive hands-on training, guidance and practice, he will have you creating coffee masterpieces of your own.



  • Equipment Basics and Maintenance
  • Step by step Espresso Extraction
  • Grind Adjustment
  • Espresso Tasting
  • Milk Preperation
  • Latte Art
photo(18) Professional Barista Training

Please email Cortney at for more information and pricing.

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