Recipe: Jack-O-Latte


The fall season wouldn’t be complete without a classic drink in a pumpkin! Introducing, The Jack-O-Latte:

2 shot(s)  - Espresso

11 fl oz.    - Steamed Milk

0.25 fl oz. – Vanilla Syrup – 1 pump(s)

0.75 fl oz. – Toasted Marshmallow Syrup – 3 pump(s)

0.5 fl oz.   - Pumpkin Pie Syrup – 2 pump(s)

Pour syrup into a cup, add freshly pulled espresso shots and swirl to mix. Pour in steamed milk and “fall” in love with this 16 fluid ounce seasonal favorite!

Thank you to our friends at DaVinci for another GREAT recipe!

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