Silikomart Molds: Creative, New Ways to Serve Gelato

Silikomart holders and molds provide many creative ways to serve gelato.
Silikomart holders and molds provide many creative ways to serve gelato.

We keep hearing the experts say “change up the menu” – “create new ways to serve it up” - and they keep talking about it because it really is  important! Customers like to see and try new signature items at least every 60 – 90 days and one way to increase revenue and keep them coming back is to give it to em’!

So, just how many ways can you serve up gelato? Well, we know of a few very successful gelato shops that have got the creative bug!

The "Gelato Avalanche", created by Chef Roby of the All Chocolate Kitchen.

Chef Roby of the All Chocolate Kitchen in Geneva, Illinois offers a gynormous sized martini glass full of scoops of different flavored gelato – to eat there or take home for the dinner party as a unique dessert offering.

Another way gelato can be served is in the form of a popsicle using silicone, food-safe molds like those we carry from Silikomart. There are many different shapes and sizes that would coincide with the seasons to provide another way to serve the same great product in a new, refreshing form. PreGel’s Coriandolina Coatings that we carry provide a hard chocolate, strawberry, lemon, or white chocolate finish to gelato pops.

Gelato Push Up Pops
Push up pops allow the gelato to be enjoyed to the last lick!

Thinking outside the typical cup and spoon is an important aspect of creating new, enticing ways to serve the rich, creamy Italian dessert.

O Sole Mio, a gelato bar and cafe in Batavia makes “adult floats”. One of their more popular versions is called the “Night Rider” which icludes Kahlua, espresso, and chocolate gelato.

O’Sole Mio offers many creative “adult floats” with galeto.

Then, there’s always the gelato cakes where the possibilities are endless.

The waffle cup or cone is not new to the frozen dessert industry but are making a comeback. Customized cones add a layer of color, flavor and excitement to frozen desserts. Simply dip and coat your cones using the coatings, arabeschi flavors we carry, roll them in sprinkles or nuts and offer a visually appealing and tasty treat!

In addition to the plain wafer cup, we carry a chocolate coated wafer cup that is made with 60% pure fondant chocolate which can be used with hot liquids or cold and it contains no artificial coloring. These make for a great dessert with petite scoops of a variety of gelato flavors.

Another popular way to have gelato in Italy is known as an affogato, meaning “drowned”. This is a wonderfully refreshing coffee-based beverage that usually includes a scoop of vanilla gelato topped with a shot of espresso.  Some variations also include a shot of Ameretto or other dessert liqueur like the Pisoni chocolate grappa we import from Italy.

As you can see, there are many creative twists to serving gelato that will help keep fresh new items on your shop menu. If you have other new ways or ideas on how to serve up the gelato, please share them in the comments section!

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