Sirman Cheese Graters

Sirman Cheese Graters


Whether you’re crafting a signature pizza or toppings for a Caesar salad, cheese graters let you produce large quantities of cut and sliced cheese in no time at all. Electric cheese graters are especially great at creating high volumes of cheese for different recipes so that you can satisfy customers with an outstanding flavor additive on nachos, quesadillas, and other big-profit foods. And with so many from which to choose, finding the right electric cheese grater for your needs is easy.

Ideal for on-demand operations, this Sirman 1/2 hp electric hard cheese grater with microswitch can grate up to 2 lbs. of product per minute! This reliable light/medium duty hard cheese grater features a 1/16″ tooth for very finely grated product. Its stainless steel drum is sure to stand up to your busy kitchen, while delivering a consistently grated product every time.

For user safety, this cheese grater features a handle safety interlock to prevent the machine from starting when the handle is not low enough; it stops the machine when the handle is lifted. For easy operation, a microswitch is located on the handle. This grater’s removable stainless steel drum, aluminum body, and grating opening allow for fast and easy cleaning. Plus, the product collection tray is made from food-safe material.

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