The HandyBrew


E.K. Taiwan is the inventor of the Clever coffee method and HandyBrew for tea maker. The business started in 1996 and the company is a team with the passion of developing innovations.

The Clever Coffee Dripper is their main product for the coffee industry. Basically it’s a steep and release pour over brewer that can better extract the direct immersion way. It also worth noting the Clever produces high quality, uniform extractions more easily than the traditional manual pour over methods.

The HandyBrew for tea maker concept is their main product line for an ever going tea industry. It’s a steep and release brewer very similar to the Clever, but doesn’t require a paper filter. The HandyBrew has a built in tea mesh filter which can prepare a professionally easy and fun beverage.

It’s also worth noting that both devices use a patented high quality plastic that’s transparent, heat resistant and BPA free.

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