Throw The Best New Years Party Ever


How To Party New Years Style:

Now that Christmas is finally over, it’s time to ring in the new year. How do you throw the best party and keep everyone happy? Once you’ve read our tips below you’ll basically see any budget works from $20-$200.

1) Think about how much you want to spend. Invitations are a great idea because it’s not a formal party but only do this if you have extra money to spend. If you do not have the extra cash just make calls and invite your favorite people. Then suggest they bring snacks, wine, a case of beer or whatever they desire.

2) What party doesn’t have New Years decorations? First of all, purchase a pack or two of Happy New Years balloons and drop them allover the floor. Or put all of them in a large trash bag and release them at midnight. Party hats are a great conversation piece and extremely fun, yeah you know the ones. Purchase confetti and set up little bags individually for people to toss in the air at midnight. Party horns, poppers and colorful necklaces are all fun for guests too. If you have extra cash, fireworks are definitely a crowd pleaser for most parties.

3) Food and beverage are very important. Being on a budget has it’s perks, simply ask each guest to bring something to the party. Make sure to assign what they bring so you don’t have duplicates of products. Also, it’s good to have soda and non-alcoholic options for guests who prefer not to drink. Gotta keep those designated drivers happy and keep the snack/foods light since it’s late.

Our tip? Don’t forget to add a splash of flavor to the champagne! Try Monin Hibiscus or Desert Pear.

4) Play music that your guests will enjoy. 80′s, 90′s today, rap, country or take suggestions towards the beginning. The most difficult thing is encouraging people to dance, so get out there and make it happen by shaking those legs.

5) Lastly, have a way to count down the new year. Turn on the flat screen to times square and keep up announcements. With 10-15 minutes left before midnight turn down the music or signal to the DJ to turn up the TV. Happy New Year!



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