Umpqua Oats: The New Craze, but WHY?

Gather round for a little story of how Umpqua Oats was born, in honor of their 4th year birthday …

Umpqua Oats got it’s start from the desire of two moms in Oregon who wanted their busy kids to eat a healthy breakfast fast. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? These moms simply did not like the nasty ingredients they found in regular oatmeal packets upon closer examination (you can try this at home - don’t forget to check out the list of ingredients which is equally scary). Then, there is the issue of the cup or bowl left in the “mom-mobile” only to be discovered weeks (or sometimes, months) later. Eww…

You get the idea, they wanted something that would address all these issues. Not finding anything on the market, they set out to create a nutritious oatmeal themselves and began an assembly line (made up of mostly offspring earning their keep), right there in Sheri’s kitchen where wholesome ingredients were placed into little cups.  Alas, they put together an oatmeal that was fast, nutritious and easy.  And, the kids thought these oats actually tasted pretty good, too (bonus)!

That’s the story of how Umpqua Oats was born which might be part of the reason Umpqua Oats are so popular – it’s a cute story that’s almost as wholesome as the ingredients found in Umpqua Oats.

Speaking of which, Umpqua Oats are mostly made with all natural ingredients with no colorings, preservatives or fillers. They include whole rolled oats that are custom milled, vegetarian DHA, a whole cane sugar called sucanat sugar (a process that keeps all nutrients intact) and a load of other ingredients you can actually pronounce.

That explains a lot, but how is that Umpqua Oats has become one of the fastest growing food companies in America after four, short years?

Balancing on Umpqua Oats! Balancing on Umpqua Oats!

Could it be that the name is so funny [UMP-kwah] or flavor names like Mostly Sunny, Not Guilty, Jackpot, Kick Start, Old School or RU Nuts are equally fun?

Maybe Umpqua Oats are so popular because of Chris and Norm – they are the great guys behind these great women (and not too bad looking, either)… eh-hem, I mean they look very serious, professional and … healthy! These guys must be eating Umpqua Oats on a regular basis.

Did we mention Umpqua Oats are gluten-friendly AND Kosher certified?

Perhaps it’s the health benefits of consuming a product like Umpqua Oats. Lowers Cholesterol. Boosts Immune System. Special Antioxidants for Heart Protection. Stabilizes Blood Sugar. Lowers Risk of Diabetes. Prevents Breast Cancer.

Give the newest flavor, Salted Caramel Meltdown a try! Give the newest flavor, Salted Caramel Meltdown a try!

Need we say more?  Go ahead, click here and part with twenty-five bucks and get a case to find out for yourself what these oats are all about! Or, call Cora Italian Specialties at 800-696-2672 and if you are a café owner or operator, we can even set you up with a FREE Umpqua Oats display unit. All you need is 12″ of space… and a phone.

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