Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Pouring water into glass

Without proper water all the expensive coffee brewing equipment will deliver flavor profile that fails to live up to expectations of the buyer. With all the new science involved in the coffee scene today, temperature stability, contact variability, contact time, grind particle size and spray head design. All these incredible efforts designed to create the perfect cup are meaningless if the chemistry of the water doesn’t allow for flavor and aroma extraction.

The mineral balance in water reacts with compounds in coffee to create extraction results, similar to how specific flavor and aroma characteristics only exhibit at a very specific temperature.

Flavor may be the reason customers prefer one coffee shop to another, but equipment protection and maintenance cost or reliability may be the primary driver to the cafe owner. Proper water treatment will give you both.

Water with high mineral content will over extract and exhibit astringency in the cup that is undesirable and may also be corrosive, such as using a reverse osmosis system without pacifying the water through a calcite filter after membrane. Water with high mineral content under extracts as the mineral concentration inhibits flavor. Depending on the minerals, this can result in scale buildup and high equipment repairs cost and issues.

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