Water Temperature For Coffee

Coffee Brewing Temp Water temperature

When brewing coffee at home there can be quite a few requirements to produce that amazing cup. You’ll need a very good grind plus allowing the coffee to bloom and brew for the proper amount of time. Lastly, the water temperature for coffee needs to be perfect.

Truth be told, the recommended temperature for the water you should be using is around 195-205F when brewing coffee. Water boils at 212F so unless you have a thermometer it’s pretty difficult to monitor this. Today, you can purchase a Bonavita variable kettle to which you can pre-program the temperature for which you desire.

For light roast’s we suggest using higher temp’s. Don’t be afraid to push it past 205 because you might miss out on something you like and risk losing out on a flavor journey. Darker roasted coffees require a lower temperature H2O for reasons that the cellular structure of the bean might be damaged. In doing so, this means the water requires less heat energy to be an adequate solvent for the relevant solubles remaining in the bean.

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