Welcome to our new home on the Internet!

C’mon in!

Like any new abode, we are still learning where all the switches are around here and getting to know our neighbors.

Grab a cup and get cozy in our new home! Grab a cup and get cozy in our new home!


In fact, you know the saying, “when a neighbor mimics your interior decorating, it’s the greatest form of flattery”. Well, that’s what we’ve done, taking the best of what you like about easy-to-use eCommerce homes on the Internet from simple intuitive browsing, better descriptions, ongoing communication, the shopping cart process, all the way through to the final step to check out and confirm your order. You can even track your beans from the moment they leave our warehouse.

We’ve added in our own unique touches, like videos with training tips, recipe preperations, maintenance & repair, downloadable spec sheets & rebate forms … maybe we’ll even get John Cora on camera! It’s all happening here, in our dream home on the Internet – right where you are at this very moment, at our front door!

Well, don’t just stand there in the threshold, come on in and make yourself comfortable. Take a grand tour of the place. You’ll find hundreds of products & equipment along with some great recipes, troubleshooting advice, and everyone knows, Italian families are HUGE so we are going to try and keep everyone in the loop with the Cora events calendar (of course you are invited). If you look around, you’ll see evidence of the Italian family that first laid bricks, building the foundation of the “Cora house” three generations ago.

We hope you like it as much as we do and if not, just speak up and let us know how we can make it even more comfortable for you – we want you to always feel right at home here.



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