Which Coffee’s Are For Cold Brew?


Many times during my conversations about coffee. People ask me what Cold Brew is and which coffee’s work the best.

When enjoying a brewed coffee or pour-over have you noticed the flavor enhances upon it’s cool down. Typically this works best with lighter roasted beans because of the higher acidity. Every time I enjoy a specialty cup of coffee, often I’ll think, will this work as a cold brew?

Cold Brew is when you take a really coarse grounded coffee and pour cold water over the top. Then allow it to saturate for 12 hours to produce what later will be a concentrate.

So which coffee’s do you use?

-Burundi’s are outstanding because it  has subtle fruit notes with a chocolate peanut butter cup flavor and sweetness.

-Mexican coffee usually has a massive amount of licorice and almond. So tread carefully with this region.

-Guatemala’s have a fair amount of bakers chocolate, dark chocolate, cocoa nibs and milk chocolate.  If you decide to step out of the Antigua region you’ll notice the Huehuetenango’s have a semi-soft fruit note included.

-Colombia Supremo coffees also contain a chocolate note but carry pleasant floral and nutty flavor depending on what region you order from.

-Sumatra’s are rustic and carry a very thick body. In my opinion, they are quite earthy. But do try Mandheling or Lintong.

-Peru’s are rich and velvety, with elegant notes of chocolate. This is an ideal coffee for cold brew because of it’s rich and intense nose with fine chocolate nuances enriched by the taste of caramel overtones.

-Costa Rica coffee’s hold a very unique amount of sweetness and flavors. Such as caramel, toasted bread, orange and honey. You’ve gotta try this coffee during the winter.

If your ever interested in doing Cold Brew and wanna learn more click here.


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