Island Oasis Shelf-Stable Beverage Mix

$ 7.50

Island Oasis Shelf-Stable Beverage Mix create the perfectly flavored beverage every time. No need to store and peel the delicate fruit - simply keep the smooth mix on hand for all of your mixing needs. The dairy-friendly mix is easy to use and easy to store - you can even store it at room temperature before opening. Whether you're creating a signature cocktail or a fruity smoothie, Island Oasis Shelf Stable Mix is made for you.


Banana Shelf-Stable Beverage Mix lets you to never worry about overripe or under ripe bananas again! Keep this Banana Mix on hand instead and add the fresh taste of bananas to your beverage creations anytime. No more storing and peeling, just pour and blend!

Mango Shelf-Stable Beverage Mix allows you to get a taste of the tropics. We use our passion for flavor to create a mix of sweet, sun-ripened mangos with a velvety smooth texture. For a cooling mango smoothie, blend with ice, or add dairy for a touch of creaminess. Easily create signature cocktails and mocktails with this delicious mix. Whether you use as a base or add a splash for a hint of tropical flavor, taste buds will relish the sweetness and juiciness of real mango.

Margarita Shelf-Stable Beverage Mix is bursting with real fruit flavor in every drop. It's specifically crafted to help you easily mix your magic with every drink and none of the prep. Simply blend with liquour and ice for a frozen margarita, or pour over ice for a signature on-the-rocks margarita. Use as a base or add a splash to create signature cocktails, frozen drinks, mocktails, smoothies and more! Island Oasis Margarita mix is made with real limes, is gluten free, Kosher and contains no high fructose corn syrup. Contains 72% juice.

Pina Colada Shelf-Stable Beverage Mix is inspired by the classic tropical drink and will invigorate your tastebuds. Enjoy a smooth blend of rich-tasting coconut milk and the juice of ripe pineapples - plus, you'll enjoy just the right amount of real sugar for balanced flavor. Mixing up fresh-tasting piña coladas is a breeze with our shelf-stable mix. Enjoy a tropical twist anytime with the Island Oasis Piña Colada Shelf Stable Mix.

Strawberry Shelf-Stable Beverage Mix is a summery burst of flavor! Our flavor-packed mix is made with a delicious mix of whole, sun-ripened strawberries and balanced with real sugar. From fruity daiquiris to smoothies, you can create the perfect beverage - now without the need to refrigerate before opening. Deliver sweet, smooth flavor every time with Island Oasis Strawberry Beverage Shelf Stable Mix.

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