Espresso Equipment Troubleshooting

Likely Cause
No steam pressure while Pressure gauge reads 0
Power to machine is interrupted

Pressure stat is not functioning properly

Heating element is not functioning properly
Check the circuit breaker
Check the power cord plug
Verify that the power switch is in the proper position

Call an authorized technician

Call an authorized technician
No steam pressure while Pressure gauge reads 0.9-1.5 bars
Boiler water level is too high

Auto fill system is malfunctioning

Steam wand tips are clogged with milk
Remove water from the boiler utilizing the hot water tap

Call an authorized technician

Clean steam tip holes with a paper clip
Soak steam wand tip in a solution of espresso machine detergent
Coffee brews too slowly and/or brew button LED light flashes while brewing
Coffee grind is too fine

Too much ground coffee was used

Barista tamped too hard

Dispersion screens are clogged

Pump pressure is incorrect
Adjust the grinder to a coarser setting

Reduce the amount of coffee used

Reduce tamping pressure

Clean and⁄or replace the screens

Check pump pressure, it should be between 8 & 9 bars
Coffee brews too quickly
Coffee grind is too coarse

Too little ground coffee was used

Filter basket is worn
Adjust the grinder to a finer setting

Increase amount of coffee used

Replace filter basket
Water leaks from around top of portafilter while brewing

Coffee grounds in the cup of espresso
Portafilter gaskets are worn
Build up of coffee grounds in group head (where portafilter locks into the machine)

Filter basket is worn

Grind is too fine
Call an authorized technician
Clean group gasket and group head locking ring

Replace filter basket

Adjust grinder to a coarser setting
Drain overflows
Drain hose is clogged
Drain cup is clogged (cup or box under drain tray)
Clear hose using air or water pressure
Remove drain tray and thoroughly clean the drain cup
Grinder will not start grinding, but the motor makes humming noise
Grinder is jammed with beans

Foreign object in the coffee is stuck in the grinder
Move the adjustment collar on the grinder to a coarser setting. Turn on the grinder and keep adjusting coarser until the grinder starts. Then, with the grinder running, re-adjust the grind to the proper setting.

Call an authorized technician
Or, unplug the grinder, remove the bean hopper and unscrew the adjustment collar. Remove the foreign object. Clean the grinder and carefully reassemble (be careful not to cross-thread the adjustment collar). Replace the bean hopper, plug-in the grinder, turn it on and re-adjust the grind.