Bottene Pasta Extruder - PM 120

$ 25,517.00


PM 120

The PM 120 is Bottene's largest commercial machine--very powerful and simple to use. You can produce various fresh pastas with any type of flour, while using eggs or not. As their other machines, you can make colored pastas by adding pureed vegetables to the hopper (e.g. tomatoes for red pasta, spinach or kale or green pasta, etc). All shapes and sizes of pasta are possible with this machine--from long commons pastas (spaghetti, fettucine, or linguine) or short pastas for “pastasciutta” and vegetable soups. This machine uses 2 hoppers continuos and fast production. All made in a stainless steel finish. Complete with electronic cutter for short pastas, fan/ventilator to dry pasta immediately, and 1 standard die.
The kneader shafts and auger removable for cleaning.


About Bottene:

Bottene Pasta Machines are made by one of oldest and most experienced families of Italian pasta equipment manufacturers. The machines are designed with simplicity, versatility and durability in mind. With the multitude of available dies, over 300, it is easy to produce any shape of fresh pasta with any type of flour, with or without eggs. You can even make colored pasta: red with tomato, green with spinach, brown with cocoa etc. These machines allow you to offer your customers fresh pasta, of the highest quality, at a fraction of the cost you would pay to buy pre-made dry or frozen pasta.

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